Hinkley Point C Community Fund: Small Grants Programme

The HPC Community Fund, managed by Somerset Community Foundation, is part of a wider £20 million commitment of funding, provided by EDF through Section 106 agreements, for communities that are affected by the development of the new nuclear power station, to promote their social, economic and environmental wellbeing and enhance their quality of life. 

Since its launch in November 2017, the Small Grants Programme has contributed to many, varied projects and initiatives including community events. 

Funded projects include the Sedgemoor Playday, which is a fun, free-to-attend day for children and their families to enjoy and make friends, and for people who are new to the area to meet their neighbours and make community connections, bringing them closer together.  

The HPC Community Fund team are proud to have supported a number of mental health projects and groups. Outreach work by the Samaritans of Taunton and Somerset made a huge difference to people’s lives when they were needed the most.  

The Small Grants Programme has also awarded grants to peer support mental health projects such as Rusty Road 2 Recovery in Bridgwater, where creative and practical motor repair sessions help to build the service users’ skills and self-confidence in an inclusive and supportive environment. 

Grants have also supported local community infrastructure, increasing safety and wellbeing while encouraging exercise. The Axbridge-Cheddar Cycle Walkway was upgraded with help from the HPC Community Fund, giving people a safe pathway to walk, run or cycle between the two villages.  

These are just a few examples of the wide range of support the HPC Community Fund can offer. 

The Small Grants Programme will fund groups up to £5,000 for community projects and initiatives. If you feel that the HPC Community Fund might be suitable for your group or project, please visit www.hpcfunds.co.uk or contact Peter Stolze on peter.stolze@somersetcf.org.uk or 01749 344949 and he will be happy to support and guide you through any stage of your application.  


“We are very grateful to the HPC Community Fund team who showed patience and offered a great deal of useful advice.” Small Grants Programme grantee 

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