Frequently Asked Questions

West Somerset Council and Somerset Community Foundation are administering the Hinkley Point C Funds and are working together closely to help you apply to the correct fund for your project, initiative or scheme.


Each fund has specific eligibility criteria, decision-making processes and governance arrangements.


What is Hinkley Point C?


EDF Energy is building two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, which are the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK. Hinkley Point C is one of Europe’s largest construction projects with a peak workforce expected to exceed 5,000 people.

The Hinkley Point C site is located on the north- western Somerset coast, next to a fully operational nuclear power station called Hinkley Point B and Hinkley Point A, which is being decommissioned

What is Hinkley Point C Funding there for?

The construction of the new power station at Hinkley Point C and its associated projects (such as highway improvements, park and ride schemes, worker accommodation campuses, etc.) are likely to lead to some changes in our communities. These impacts may be direct or indirect, positive or negative.

Funds are available to help communities remove or reduce the negative impacts experienced as a result of the Hinkley Point C construction and help to ensure that the benefits and opportunities can be accessed.

Your project, measure or initiative may be designed to remove or reduce the impact or it could be designed to ‘off-set’ impacts by improving other aspects of community well-being and quality of life.

The funds are also there to maximise the opportunities provided by the development. You must be able to clearly evidence the impact(s) Hinkley Point C has had, or is having, on your community.

How do I know which grants programme to apply to?

The aim of this website is to take the guesswork out of applying, and to help you navigate to the correct application process for your proposal.

If we feel that you have accidentally applied to an inappropriate fund, we will work with you to make sure your proposal is directed to the correct fund without you having to start the process all over again.

If you have looked at the criteria and are still not sure, please feel free to contact us to talk through your project, measure or initiative.

Why is there a separate application process for small grants?

We recognise the significant role that smaller organisations play in their communities and how this can help mitigate the impacts of Hinkley Point C.

We aim to keep the application processes proportional to the size of organisation and proposal, and therefore a separate, simpler process for smaller organisations has been made available

Why is there specific interest in ‘Community Cohesion’?

The arrival of thousands of new workers and in some cases, their families, has been identified as a potential area of impact where charities, voluntary organisations, public authorities, social enterprises and other groups can play a vital role. We have therefore worked with our partners to identify the types of interventions we would like to fund.

We are neither a small organisation nor interested in Community Cohesion. Can we apply?

Yes! We recognise the importance of larger community-led projects in areas most affected by Hinkley Point C.

Please apply to the Community Impact Mitigation Fund.

Can I apply to the Small Grants Programme, Community Cohesion and the Community Impact Mitigation Fund at the same time?

No, not for the same project. We aim to help you identify the right Hinkley Point C programme for your project.

If I am successful with an application to Community Cohesion but need match funding can I apply to the Community Impact Mitigation Fund?

No. You are strongly advised to find match funding from sources other than the Hinkley Point C Funds.

If I am unsuccessful with an application to one programme, can I apply to the other one?

In the majority of cases, it is unlikely that an application rejected from one programme will be considered favourably by the other.

However, in exceptional circumstances, an application may be considered by the other programme, although it is our aim to identify the correct grant for you.

If I am looking for funding for another phase of a project can I apply to a different Hinkley Point C grant programme if I have already received funding from another?

If your project is clearly entering a different phase you can apply to a different Hinkley Point C grant programme as long as you are eligible.

You will be asked to submit an end of project evaluation with your new application and the Administering Officer of the programme that provided your original award will be consulted.

What happens if I accidentally apply to the wrong programme?

If we feel that your project would be better suited to a different programme, we will inform you. In most cases we will pick this up at the initial ‘expression of interest’ stage and this should not involve any significant additional work for you.

We are not a charity, voluntary group, social enterprise or any other form of community organisation. Can we still apply?

To apply to the Community Impact Mitigation Fund you must be a not for profit organisation.

To apply for the Small Grants Programme or Community Cohesion we ask that you are able to demonstrate a charitable purpose.

Please contact the manager of the appropriate grants programme (Val Bishop or Lisa Redston) for further clarification.

Who sits on the Awards Panels?

The Awards Panel of the Hinkley Point C Community Fund is comprised of the following members:

Councillor Mike Lewis (Somerset County Council)

Councillor Peter Downing (Sedgemoor District Council)

Councillor Mandy Chilcott (West Somerset Council/Taunton Deane Borough Council)

David Eccles (Head of Stakeholder Engagement, HPC Project)

Sarah Chilcott (HRBP Manager, HPC Project)

Nick Wall (Construction Project Controls Manager, HPC Project)

Robin White (Independent Member)

Steve Mewes (Independent Member)

Chris Bishop (Somerset Community Foundation)

Martin Kitchen (Somerset Community Foundation)

John Lyon (Somerset Community Foundation) (Chair)


The Planning Obligations Board who make decisions/recommendations with regards to the HPC Community Impact Mitigation Fund is comprised of the following members:

Cllr Mandy Chilcott (Chair) – Lead Member for Resources and Central Support, West Somerset Council
Brendan Cleere – Director – Growth and Development, West Somerset Council

Cllr Peter Downing – Environment Portfolio, Sedgemoor District Council
Doug Bamsey – Corporate Director, Sedgemoor District Council

Cllr David Hall – Deputy Leader of Somerset County Council and lead Member for Economic Development, Infrastructure & Innovation,
Andy Coupe – Acting Strategic Manager, Major Programmes, Somerset County Council

David Eccles – Head of Stakeholder Engagement, NNB GenCo
Mark Lewis – Site Operations Integration Manager, NNB GenCo